Diary Entry #1. The Eelus Has Landed.

I stepped from the plane onto blistering hot Gambian soil yesterday afternoon and was met by Lawrence and his team and given VIP treatment from the word go. Waiting for my luggage to be brought TO ME in an air conditioned room with an ice cold glass of water was a nice change from fighting it out around the luggage carousel with the rest of the hot and tired travellers.

As I write this, I’m surrounded by lush mangrove swamp; roots and dense foliage keep hidden the beasts and creature that lurk beyond. A heron glides lazily overhead as the sound of something unseen breaks the water. The alien dawn chorus was amazing, the highlight being joined by a pair of toxic green birds, small and inquisitive, bold and unfazed by their new guest standing only feet away. Their crisp digital welcome seeming almost out of place in such an organic, analogue world.

Just heard my first Baboon disagreement, but am yet to catch a glimpse of  the little bastards. I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m cornered and mugged for whatever savoury treats I’m carrying. Maybe I should arm myself? What would be the best weapon against a surprise baboon mugging?! I shall remain vigilante.

‘Tis only day 2, but I’m happy to report that so far, I remain unbitten and itch free. The 95% DEET makes my skin buzz and crackle with military grade toxins. Come on you little swines, come and get me.

Below is a view from my room. I’m sure you’ll agree, it aint bad at all.

– Eelus


3 responses to “Diary Entry #1. The Eelus Has Landed.

  1. Damn I miss it! Big up Mandina Family! x

  2. Hi Eelus, we have seen and heard great things about you from Lawrence for quite a while now. Can’t believe that this is all going to happen! Just wish that we could bloody be there! Have a Julbrew (or several) for us and BIG X’s to the Jungle Boys (Larry and James).

    And….watch out for those baboons – especially the big ones with the pointy teeth!!!

    Now, go graf a village!!
    Jones & Florio (the NYC Makasutu contingency) x

  3. Eelus, the best defense for a baboon attack is a condom and piece of stick to bite on…
    Just ask Larry , he knows their ways.

    Have a great time…. brilliant what Larry and you have pulled together !

    Mega cheers

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