Bushdwellers are a Gambian art collective made up of Larry and Njogu, who joined forces two years ago. Njogu is a painter who has been one of the driving forces in the Gambian art scene, and decorated by His Excellency President Jammeh for his contribution to Gambian Art. That was all fine and good until Larry gave him the street name ‘Joe Goo’ and convinced him to throw his reputation to the wind and get down and dirty in the dirt tracks of the Ballabu Conservation Project. Larry has a background in fine art and design/architecture and helped create Makasutu Culture Forest and the Ballabu Project. He is also quite good at talking, and people tend to agree with him just to shut him up.

The two started painting in the villages that surround Makasutu that make up the Ballabu area, trying to bring some colour and beauty to the mud walls. Through this, the dream that would finally become Wide Open Walls came in to being.

Joe Goo lives in Serrekunda with his very understanding wife and family. Larry lives in the forest with 20 dogs, 50 cats and 300 baboons. Yes, they all have names and he loves them equally.


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