Ian Cox – Wallkandy

It all started a few years back with me taking casual snaps when visiting galleries but has since grown into an almost full time hobby. Many people now assume I take pictures for a living but for me it is a source of enjoyment aside from my already full time job & family life.  Being married with two children I am grateful for my family’s understanding of the time I spend away documenting art & artists at work but wherever possible the family do get involved, particularly my children, who have both had some great experiences meeting the artists & getting involved with painting.

I’ve been part of many projects in various settings including 4 consecutive years in Noway with the Nuart crew, Scotland with the Agents of Change as well as, amongst others, projects in New York, Los Angeles & very soon Wide Open Walls in The Gambia.  Over time I have learnt a lot and made many friends & enjoyed every minute of it.  I feel privileged to have been given access to artists studios and their lives which enables me to be able to capture the heart and soul of what they are doing.

Wide Open Walls is the opportunity of a lifetime to combine my photography with artists working in some amazing scenery amongst the local people & culture, I hope I do it justice.


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