Lucy McLauchlan

Lucy McLauchlan’s distinctive paintings respond spatially to their given surface appearing on public buildings, sculptures and site-specific installations. Water towers, breast moulds, ex-Police riot shields, doorways, driftwood and even a Rolls Royce have all been transformed by her graphic, fluid monochromatic style. In our technologically dominate age McLauchlan prefers to stick to hand making her fantastical murals.

Her improvised paintings are organic and delicately intuitive as they sprawl across surfaces, sometimes bursting open to completely take over the space. Within all its intricate detail she endeavors to reference her surroundings often by incorporating various urban detritus.
Highly influenced by her hometown of Birmingham and its conflict between industrious history, brutalist architecture and untouched countryside, McLauchlan’s expressive protagonists in their various guises incorporate a multitude of meaning. They allow her to personify current affairs and to capture the sentiment of a disjointed society in her unassuming beautiful approach.

McLauchlan lives and works in her hometown of Birmingham. She has gained international recognition exhibiting across across Europe, Japan, America and Australia. Showing in public outdoor spaces, within galleries and in some of the most imaginative underground events. Interviews have been published in numerous books and magazines including the recent ‘Beyond the Street – the 100 Leading Figures of Urban Art’.


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